Rafi Feuerstein



Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein is the President of the Feuerstein Institute, located in Jerusalem, Israel. Founded by his father, Professor Reuven Feuerstein, the Feuerstein Institute engages in the research, development and dissemination of the Feuerstein Method, a world renowned educational technique with the proven ability to systematically improve an individual’s learning and critical thinking skills. As president, Rabbi Feuerstein directs the mission and focus of the Feuerstein Institute’s work. His passion lies in spearheading new initiatives to improve the quality of education available to children, adolescents, teens and young adults worldwide.

Rabbi Feuerstein studied Psychology and Philosophy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is currently completing his PhD in Psychology at Paris V University. He joined the Feuerstein Institute staff in 1993, specializing in cognitive-dynamic assessment. Over several years, he and his father developed numerous intervention and assessment techniques, and co-authored many books and articles on the subject. Rabbi Feuerstein is a frequent lecturer on topics such as integrative education and therapy in Israel and throughout the world.

In addition to his work with the Feuerstein Institute, Rabbi Feuerstein co-founded the Tzohar Organization of Rabbis, whose goal is to create a common Jewish identity for Israel society at large. He also serves as the community rabbi of the National-Religious congregation in Har Nof, Jerusalem.