Pedro Tabensky



Professor Pedro Tabensky was born in Chile and has lived in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Israel, and the UK before settling in South Africa. He is the founding director of the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics (AGLE), which is part of the Department of Philosophy at Rhodes University. A central, but by no means only, aim of the AGCLE is to help transform the South African secondary and tertiary education sectors. He is the author of Happiness: Personhood, Community, Purpose and of several articles and book chapters. Tabensky is also the editor of and contributor to Judging and Understanding: Essays on Free Will, Narrative, Meaning and the Ethical Limits of Condemnation; The Positive Function of Evil; and, coedited with Sally Matthews (his wife), Being at Home: Race, Institutional Culture and Transformation at South African Higher Education Institutions (Choice Outstanding Academic). Until 2016, Tabensky ran a yearly roundtable series on critical issue in higher education—CHERTL Roundtable Series on Critical Issues in Higher Education—and is a regular commentator in the national and international media. He is currently focusing on the idea of revolutionary violence, particularly in relation to Albert Camus and Franz Fanon’s conceptions.