Montserrat Del Pozo



Montserrat Del Pozo, Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Letters), Superior Audiovisual Technician, Master in Psychology and Family Management. Graduate of the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential (Philadelphia. USA). 

She participated in the three-year program on Thinking-Based Learning offered by the National Center for Teaching Thinking, USA, at Colegio Montserrat, 2007-2011, and received certification for her innovative application and use of these ideas at Colegio Montserrat. She has participated in multiple courses at Harvard Project Zero, at the Key Learning Community in USA, at Reggio Emilia (Italy) and at the ICOT 2007 in Sweden, 2015 in Spain and 2018 in Miami. 

She has participated and been a speaker at numerous educational conferences and courses in Spain and Latin America and has written several articles in journals. She has been a teacher and school director for more than 35 years. Colegio Montserrat in Barcelona is one of the schools she directed. She is currently working as a trainer of trainers in Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Cameroon. 

She received an Innovation Award in 2010 and another in 2014. She was recognized as Social Empreneur Ashoka Fellow in 2014 and as Re-imagine Learning Fellow Lego Foundation in 2015. Her leadership in educational innovation was also recognized at the International Conference On Thinking 2015 Bilbao (Spain). 

She is author of the books: “Disfruta y haz feliz a tu hijo”, “Una experiencia a compartir. Las Inteligencias Múltiples en el Colegio Montserrat”, “Aprendizaje Inteligente”, “Inteligencias Múltiples en Acción”, “La danza del yo” and “Aprender hoy y liderar mañana”, “Aprender a amar, aprender a vivir”. 

She is director of the online educational TV: www.THINK1.TV 

She is Congregational leader of the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.