Karen Malone



Karen Malone is Professor of Education and Research Director, in the Department of Education at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Karen is an educator, urban ecologist, environmental philosopher, cultural geographer who engages with postqualitative, ecological, materialist and posthuman approaches. Through her global work Children in the Anthropocene she explores children’s everyday encounters of being/knowing the world with human and nonhuman kin in damaged landscapes. An example of these encounters is her recent study of ‘Children sensing ecologically’, where settler and Aboriginal pre-language toddlers walk-with a host of ‘others’ on urban landscapes and country.  Walking-with is a time-travel-hopping in the embodied material labour for cutting through/undoing colonialist thinking by exploring possibilities of how children communicate as sensorial beings. During her career, Karen has authored 7 books and over 100 other publications. She is sole-author of Children in the Anthropocene, co-author of the ‘International Research Handbook on Childhoodnature‘ and first named editor of the education book series ‘Children: Global Posthumanist perspectives and materialist theories’.