Helen Sidiropoulos



Dr Sidiropoulos has been an assessment specialist at the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) since 2010. She has been working in education since 1991, and held a senior position at school level. She has been active in the assessment field throughout her working career, serving as examiner for the IEB at the FET level. Her assessment work has covered all phases. Currently she oversees the development of the National Senior Certificate examination papers in Mathematics, including Advanced Programme Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Information Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design, Maritime Economics and Nautical Science. She conducts on-going training sessions for school managers and teachers in the examination processes and in the use of feedback data from assessment to improve teaching and learning at the school level. She has also initiated research at the IEB, which has focussed on the analysis of the results of the International Benchmark Tests, conducted by the IEB in partnership with the Australian Council of Educational Research. Furthermore she introduced the Collaborative Problem Solving Challenge and Thinking Skills assessments at the IEB. She represents the IEB on the Assessment Standards Committee of Umalusi. She has presented extensively at educational conferences both nationally and internationally.