Linor Hadar



Linor, L. Hadar (Ph.D) is an Associate Professor at Beit Berl College in Israel. She is the head of the curriculum studies lab. She also developed and now heads a new Master in Teaching program for primary education. Her research focuses on the study of curriculum and pedagogy, including alternative pedagogies, communal learning, teacher end teacher educators’ pedagogical experience, and professional learning of teachers and teacher educators implementing pedagogic innovation. One specific interest is ‘thinking education’. Her research in this area focuses on how thinking education is implemented in curriculum and teaching. She also focuses on the challenges involved in scaling up pedagogical innovation within schools and the education system at large. Among her publications: “Creative Thinking in Mathematics Curriculum: An Analytic Framework”. (Thinking Skills and Creativity, 2019); “Cognitive opportunities in textbooks:  The cases of grade four and eight textbooks in Israel (Mathematical thinking and learning, 2019); “Individual growth and institutional advancement: The in-house model for teacher educators’ professional learning” (Teaching and Teacher Education, 2018); “Professional learning and development of teacher educators”. (International Handbook of Research on Teacher Education, 2017).  She recently published a book “Teacher educators’ professional learning in community” (Routledge, 2017). In this book she summarizes seven years of research.