Karen Suzette Collett



I  lecture in the discipline of school leadership and management in the Educational Studies Department at the University of the Western Cape. For the last twenty nine years I have worked in the area of school development at a school and systems level through NGEO’s in South Africa and Namibia. I have a particular interest in teacher well-being and the development of schools as thinking and learning organisations. I am the South African coordinator of an Erasmus Plus partnership focused on teacher well-being and diversity in collaboration with partners in HEI’s and schools in Norway, Denmark and Ireland 2016-2020. My current research interests include the use of multi-modal pedagogies and on-line technology to support teaching and learning and the development of student academic literacies. In 2017 I was awarded the Faculty and University “Excellence in Teaching and Learning” award.  I am currently a fellow on the Teaching Advancement and Universities (TAU) programme and a second year student on PG. Dip. in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Through these activities, I aim to develop my scholarship in the field of teaching and learning, as well as promote leadership and school development.

Areas of  Research:

  • Teacher Well-Being and Diversity –  Erasmus Plus Research Study in collaboration with HEIS in Norway, Ireland, Denmark.
  • Cognitive Education and school leadership development – Collaborative work with Prof. L Green and colleagues in the Education Psychology Department – UWC Teaching and Learning Grant.
  • Role of Homework & study clubs on learner achievement and teacher well-being.  Grant from the Dorothea Steenbuch Foundation -2017.
  • Student peer feedback and academic writing using TurnItIn – Research into teaching and learning practices at UWC.
  • Health Promoting Schools – PEPFAR grant in collaboration with UWC Colleagues.