Angela Salmon



Dr. Salmon has a well-earned reputation for building learning communities of practice and empowering teachers to gain ownership. She is a renowned educational consultant and coach to schools. Angela has a long-standing partnership with Harvard Project Zero and the Institute HOM from which she has developed various research initiatives, and delivered national and international lectures. She has numerous publications including her recent book Authentic Teaching and Learning for PreK-Fifth Grade. She has also contributed with keynote and featured presentations, lectures and, workshops in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama, Turkey, and other countries. The Independent Schools of Victoria in Melbourne Australia invited her to serve as “Thinker in Residence.”  

Her research and practice focuses on the development of thinking and understanding as a foundation for language and literacy development. Her interest in the interplay between cognition, language and literacy led to research in children’s theory of mind, executive functions, metacognition, music, play, and teacher’s discourse. Her research draws from her experience coaching teachers in the implementation cutting-edge, research-based ideas in the classroom.

Angela’s global perspective about education has evolved in her leadership of various international conferences including five editions of the International Visible Thinking Conference, and the 18th edition of the ICOT. She is in the Development Team of the International Intergenerational Children’s Rights in Action Forum with Initiatives of Change in France.