Carol McGuinness



Carol McGuinness is Professor Emerita at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Her research applies findings from cognitive and developmental psychology to educational contexts, specifically on enhancing students’ thinking skills and metacognitive strategies. She devises professional development programmes for teachers on these topics.

Carol was director of the ACTS (Activating Children’s Thinking Skills) research project in Northern Ireland and helped to launch similar projects in Wales, England and Scotland. She is author of the influential report, From Thinking Skills to Thinking Classrooms, commissioned by the Department of Education in London (1999).  She acted as consultant on several national thinking curriculum and pedagogy developments, e.g., the Northern Ireland Curriculum Council’s (CCEA) Framework for Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities,, and in the Republic of Ireland, She hosted the 15th International Conference on Thinking in Belfast, June 2011.  She is a regular faculty member of the Centre for Teaching Thinking Annual Summer Institutes in Boston and Madrid. With Bob Swartz, she completed three reports for the International Baccalaureate Organisation on developing and assessing thinking in their international programmes,  She has a specific interest in early years education and has co-edited a recent book with colleagues on Playful Teaching and Learning (Sage, 2017).