André Croucamp



André Croucamp is an educational media developer and founder of MindBurst Workshop, which helps schools integrate transferable skills into teaching practice. He also has a Masters in Cognitive Archaeology and develops museum exhibitions in the heritage sector.

André Croucamp began his journey as an educational media developer by creating educational comic books with the Storyteller Group. More recently, he founded MindBurst Workshop, which helps schools integrate transferable skills into their curricula, teaching practice and school culture. MindBurst trains teachers in project-based learning, integrated studies, inclusive education and diversity literacy. It is committed to enabling learners to become independent thinkers, who can solve unfamiliar problems, by integrating critical thinking skills, creative innovation, clear communication and dynamic collaboration into their personal experience of the world. André has a degree in Theology from Rhodes University and a Masters in Cognitive Archaeology from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is involved in the heritage sector, with a deep interest in indigenous knowledge systems. Together with Totem Media he develops museum exhibitions, like the recent Unthreading Mandela, which was a critical examination of Mandela’s legacy (at the Nelson Mandela Foundation). Together with MindBurst, he also supports the Three2Six Project, facilitating workshops that help refugee children develop critical and creative thinking skills in the process of producing media that raises awareness about the needs of refugees in Johannesburg and helps to raise funds for their project.